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The Ultimate Sleep Mouth Tape for Enhanced Performance. 60 Day Supply
  • The Ultimate Sleep Mouth Tape for Enhanced Performance. 60 Day Supply

    Introducing RISE sleep Tape: The Ultimate Sleep Mouth Tape for Enhanced Performance. 

    Welcome to a revolutionary breakthrough in athletic performance and recovery – the RISE sleep tape. This innovative sleep mouth tape is expertly designed for athletes who strive for peak performance in their sports.


    What is RISE sleep Tape?

    RISE sleep Tape is a specially crafted mouth tape that gently encourages nasal breathing during sleep. By promoting this natural breathing method, it ensures a deeper, more restorative sleep. This is crucial for athletes, as quality sleep is a key component of optimal physical and mental performance.

    Why Nasal Breathing?

    Nasal breathing is superior to mouth breathing for several reasons. It warms and filters the air entering your lungs, increases oxygen uptake, and enhances overall breathing efficiency. These benefits are especially important for athletes, as they directly contribute to improved endurance, focus, and recovery.


    Safe and Comfortable. 

    Our sleep mouth tape is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Made from hypoallergenic materials, it's gentle on the skin and easy to apply and remove. Its ergonomic design ensures it stays in place throughout the night, without causing any discomfort or disruption to your sleep. 

    Enhance Your Athletic Performance. 

    By ensuring a night of quality nasal breathing, RISE sleep Tape helps reduce snoring, improve sleep quality, and increase oxygen delivery to muscles. This leads to better performance, reduced fatigue, and quicker recovery times.


    Join the Elite. 


    Join the ranks of elite athletes who have already discovered the transformative impact of quality sleep on their performance. With RISE sleep Tape, unlock your full potential and experience a significant edge in your athletic pursuits.


    Elevate your game with RISE sleep Tape – where better sleep leads to better performance!

    Life is to important to leave No stone unturned 



    * Tummy upset or risk of vomiting
    * Consumption of alcohol or sedatives
    * Severe nasal congestion
    * Serious heart condition or breathing problems
    * If you are unsure regarding the listed above or you have further questions, please talk to your doctor before using the sleep tape.

    • Refund Policy

      All of our sleep tapes are hand packed and checked, in the unlikely event you find your product faulty, please kindly email where we will be able to replace or refund your purchase, please note you have 30 days upon purchase.

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