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Greg Meehan

Greg Meehan - Mindset & Human Performance Coach for Elite Athletes


With a career dedicated to empowering champions, I, Greg Meehan, have established myself as a pivotal figure in the world of sports mindset coaching. My expertise spans across boxing, football, and golf, where I have had the privilege of coaching elite athletes and world champions, helping them reach the pinnacle of their careers.


As a certified Oxygen Advantage breathwork coach, I specialise in leveraging the power of breath to enhance athletic performance. My approach is rooted in the understanding that optimal breathing is a cornerstone for peak physical and mental health. By integrating advanced breathwork techniques, I assist athletes in improving their endurance, focus, and overall wellbeing.


Sleep and recovery are another key focus of my coaching. Recognising that rest is as crucial as training, I guide athletes in adopting strategies that promote effective sleep patterns, essential for high-level performance and recovery.


Beyond physical capabilities, I am deeply committed to helping athletes overcome mental barriers. My work involves aiding them in recognising and mastering their emotions, a critical aspect in the high-stakes environments they navigate. This includes identifying mental blocks and transforming them into stepping stones for success.


My philosophy is simple yet profound: to cultivate an environment where athletes don't just succeed — they thrive. By fostering a balance between physical prowess and mental resilience, I help athletes unlock their full potential, both on and off the field.

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What areas do I cover?

To understand that talent is maximised when it aligns with mindset is the key to optimal performance and at RISE that is our aim to align your talent with your mindset and then you RISE.

Want to work with me?


I work face to face or via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype, I can also come on-site to an athletes training venue.


To arrange an initial consultation call please contact me either via telephone or email:

0744 4476 361

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